For Emergencies

If you are experiencing a medical emergency with your pet after hours, 
contact one of the following emergency centers. 

Please contact the facility prior to arrival as hours can fluctuate.

Pulse Veterinary Specialists & Emergency                                   Boreal Veterinary Centre
450 Ordze Road, Unit #320                                                                                      Specialist and Emergency
Sherwood Park, AB                                                                                                   13940 - 164 street NW
Tel: (780) 570-9999                                                                                                   Edmonton, AB
                                                                                                            (780) 306 - 4400    

Vet ER                                                                                                Guardian Veterinary Centre                  
11212 178 St NW,                                                                                      5620 99 St NW
Edmonton, AB                                                                                         Edmonton, AB 
Tel: (825) 480-4881                                                                                   (789) 436 - 5880

Urgent Pet Care - Rosslyn Veterinary Clinic                 
13540 97 St NW   After hours (7pm - 11pm) routine concerns                                                                
Edmonton, AB                                                                              
Tel: (780) 475 - 9912                                                                                  

When to seek medical care for your pet

These appointments will be scheduled 24 > 72 hours in advance.

Annual exams, Vaccines
Skin issues and lumps
Smelly breath, dental discomfort
Dog or cat not eating
Seizures (spaced days/weeks/months)
Diarrhea, Constipation/vomiting
Sore ears/eyes
Abscess/minor wounds/lacerations
Stable chronic disease
Inappropriate urination 

These appointments will be booked on a priority basis, you may be asked to leave your pet with us for triage, assessment and treatment.  

Based on severity of condition, staff availability and clinic hours we may recommend your pet be seen by a local emergency center.

Facial swelling - allergic reaction
Inability to urinate
Seizures (active/clusters or not stopping)
Eye injury 
Toxin ingestion/Poisoning
Known medical condition exhibiting clinical signs or symptoms
Porcupine Quills 
Foreign body ingestion
Active bleeding
Hit by car or other serious injury
Respiratory distress/Collapse/Bloating (GDV)

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